Dana is a Connecticut-Certified Life Transition Coach coach for motivated individuals.



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At the same time, she pushes and challenges me both personally and professionally. I consider Dana an amazing mentor, friend, and life coach that has taken my whole life to the next level. I feel blessed and grateful that our paths have crossed and that she shares her experiences and expertise with me. Together we have lots of big goals and dreams ahead but I know I’m in good hands to help make it all happen. Thank you, Dana!

I look forward to my coaching sessions with Dana because she keeps me accountable."

— shari

She is extremely understanding and empathetic, which makes her the perfect person to come to when you need direction, advice, and change. She will always be my go to coach because she never fails to get me through whatever situation I’m in, or whatever mission I’m on. You will feel an immediate connection with Dana as soon as you meet her.

Dana is an amazing person. 


If you are going through a personal or professional life transition and are looking for a caring, smart and energetic accountability partner for a Coach, I highly recommend Dana Bartone! Dana is kind and thoughtful and will guide you through her unique process to empower you to take flight with your life!

I highly recommend Dana Bartone!

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