Dana is a Connecticut-Certified Life Transition Coach coach for motivated individuals.



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Gain clarity, peace, and productivity with the help of an experienced life transition coach.


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We have all heard in one way or another that it is our given right to happiness or the pursuit thereof, yet many of us don’t know how to achieve or sustain it personally or professionally. 

Times may be hard, days may be challenging and we may also allow many obstacles, real or perceived to get in the way.

My role in this process is to encourage and support you through these difficult situations and hurdles. Nothing is impossible and you truly deserve to live your best life.

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 of the Bird

The image of the bird makes me put my hand to my chest. I feel as though I am the bird. The client is the bird. I have a sense of feeling lighter, being freed from burdens both historical and self-imposed. I feel strength in the choice to flap my wings and lift myself off the floor. It’s empowerment to work and oppose the gravity of my fears. I want the flight. I want to learn and there is no road or path up “here” - it’s just movement and peace and coming to perch where and when I am ready or tired. I like the view in flight. It’s perspective helps me choose my direction and the wind teaches me that I have a friend (some support) or some currents to navigate. I also have a home in the cage if I choose it to be. I can either feel safe and protected in my domicile or trapped and locked up. If the door is open I can decide which it is I want to feel.


At the same time, she pushes and challenges me both personally and professionally. I consider Dana an amazing mentor, friend, and life coach that has taken my whole life to the next level. I feel blessed and grateful that our paths have crossed and that she shares her experiences and expertise with me. Together we have lots of big goals and dreams ahead but I know I’m in good hands to help make it all happen. Thank you, Dana!

I look forward to my coaching sessions with Dana because she keeps me accountable."

— shari

She is extremely understanding and empathetic, which makes her the perfect person to come to when you need direction, advice, and change. She will always be my go to coach because she never fails to get me through whatever situation I’m in, or whatever mission I’m on. You will feel an immediate connection with Dana as soon as you meet her.

Dana is an amazing person. 


If you are going through a personal or professional life transition and are looking for a caring, smart and energetic accountability partner for a Coach, I highly recommend Dana Bartone! Dana is kind and thoughtful and will guide you through her unique process to empower you to take flight with your life!

I highly recommend Dana Bartone!

— Karen Pomarico

She has guided me on a journey that has brought me long sought after peace. Her calm and genuinely caring demeanor made it easy for me to trust her early on. I have a whole new set of life tools that I’ve only begun to explore how to use. I am grateful for every moment of my life that brought me to the moment I signed up for her coaching program and very much look forward to continuing to work with her.

I knew the first time I met Dana that she was going to be an important person in my life.

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"If you think you can or you think you can't - you're right."

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