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Whether you’re looking to get your salon business off the ground or finally focus on your wellbeing now that you’re an empty nester, I’m here to help you spread your wings and find your path forward. I work with clients in several areas from professional coaching to wellness consulting, because I believe life and business are deeply intertwined. Learn more about my service areas, or get in touch to talk things out - there’s no wrong time to begin your coaching journey!

I help motivated clients get more out of life

I'm Dana, and I'm so glad you're here.

So often, the things we find comfort in are also the things preventing us from expanding our possibilities. We fall into a routine, drift into unhealthy habits, or settle for less than we know we deserve. My philosophy is that we can always break free from what is to explore what could be. Your comfort zone - or your cage, so to speak - is there if you need it, but there’s so much out there to explore if you have the courage to open the door.

I work with clients to make shifts big and small in their lives and businesses so they can be fulfilled, productive, and have well-balanced lives. I help motivated people get more out of life. If you feel like there’s something more out there for you, get in touch. I’d love to help you take flight.

My Philosophy

Wellness consulting

All things work in balance, and our health is the most important factor on the scale. Feel your best and glow from within with the help of an experienced Wellness Coach.

Look and feel your best at any age with wellness support


Entrepreneur coaching

Entrepreneurs face a specific set of challenges, and as a 30-plus year salon owner, I’ve faced my fair share. Get expert insight and support as you scale or pivot your business.

Grow your business with an entrepreneurship coach


Mindset Coaching

Available for 1:1 clients or in a group program, mindset coaching works to shift your focus from problems to solutions and help you realize your potential.

Learn what's sabotaging you and how to move past it


— jacob

Dana provided me with a wide range of tools and insights, as well as the connections necessary in order to take the next steps in my life. I'm incredibly grateful for what she provided me when I was at a low point in my life.

I'm incredibly grateful for what dana provided me.


The program was great! You did a fabulous job weekly with your commitment to us, checking in with us daily, and just your sincere concern for every person. You are a very sweet, patient and loving soul and are perfect for this type of training and program. I learned how to redirect my saboteurs, let go of guilt and anger, and focus on loving myself. I appreciate you on many levels and will highly recommend you to anyone I think could benefit.


— barrie

I had the pleasure of working with Dana in both a group and individual coaching format. Dana has the ability to facilitate and articulate the Positive Intelligence program in a way to provide value while going through the program and options beyond. Her personal touch and caring personality shone through as she worked with every one of us in a relaxed, unhurried manner. I would definitely recommend working with Dana. I look forward to working with her again soon. Meanwhile, I will be applying everything I've learned to my daily life. Thank you for a job well done.


— Jackie

She made me feel comfortable with confidentiality

Working with Dana was easy. She asked the right questions and made me feel comfortable with confidentiality. I would highly recommend her, you won't be disappointed. Thank you Dana!

— Naralys

she tailors sessions to your unique needs

Dana is an active listener, facilitator and all around lovely person. I worked with Dana on more clearly defining some aspirational personal goals and now I have a specific timeline and concrete steps to work on. She tailors sessions to your unique needs and connects you to valuable resources for additional insight. I definitely plan to work with Dana again in the future on a consulting basis since she has expertise and firsthand experience as a successful entrepreneur.

— wendy

Dana is an amazing listener and asks the right questions

The universe knew exactly what I needed when, as a business owner, I have been looking for ways to not just improve my business but to also work on myself and my relationships. She is an amazing listener with an ability to ask the right questions that really have you doing the hard work. Really looking forward to our journey together.


At the same time, she pushes and challenges me both personally and professionally. I consider Dana an amazing mentor, friend, and life coach that has taken my whole life to the next level. I feel blessed and grateful that our paths have crossed and that she shares her experiences and expertise with me. Together we have lots of big goals and dreams ahead but I know I’m in good hands to help make it all happen. Thank you, Dana!

I look forward to my coaching sessions with Dana because she keeps me accountable.

— shari

She is extremely understanding and empathetic, which makes her the perfect person to come to when you need direction, advice, and change. She will always be my go to coach because she never fails to get me through whatever situation I’m in, or whatever mission I’m on. You will feel an immediate connection with Dana as soon as you meet her.



If you are going through a personal or professional life transition and are looking for a caring, smart and energetic accountability partner for a Coach, I highly recommend Dana Bartone! Dana is kind and thoughtful and will guide you through her unique process to empower you to take flight with your life!


— Karen Pomarico

She has guided me on a journey that has brought me long sought after peace. Her calm and genuinely caring demeanor made it easy for me to trust her early on. I have a whole new set of life tools that I’ve only begun to explore how to use. I am grateful for every moment of my life that brought me to the moment I signed up for her coaching program and very much look forward to continuing to work with her.


client praise

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