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Identify your saboteurs and reach your fullest potential in this pod-based accountability group and regimented coaching program.

Positive Intelligence

Seven weeks. Group coaching. Real results.

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Positive Intelligence is a program that focuses on developing your mental fitness: getting to know yourself better and using what you learn to handle challenges and pursue your passions more effectively. The program consists of several components, including self-assessment, identifying saboteurs, and developing actionable strategies that you can implement in your everyday life.

One of the most crucial components of Positive Intelligence is identifying your “saboteurs.” These saboteurs are woven into who you are, often negative traits disguised as positives, and can hold you back from success, happiness, and fulfillment. Examples include the judge, the hyper-achiever, and the pleaser. Identifying your saboteurs can help you recognize when they’re active, understand how they influence your routine, and learn how to deal with them effectively.

Many people struggle to identify their saboteurs independently, which is where a Positive Intelligence Coach comes in. Coaches are trained to help clients recognize their saboteurs’ voices and understand how they’re affecting what they think, how they feel, and how they behave. Throughout the seven week program with help from your Coach, your pod group, and the Positive Intelligence App, participants can develop a plan to work with their saboteurs instead of against them.

What is positive Intelligence?

With the Positive Intelligence app, you can build your mental fitness through daily exercises. Mental fitness includes developing a positive mindset, practicing gratitude, and building resilience. The goal is to create a more balanced, positive outlook overall, which can help you combat saboteurs and deal with other challenges in life.

Build your mental fitness with daily exercises.

Once you recognize your saboteurs’ voices, your Positive Intelligence Coach can teach you how to work with those saboteurs – not against them – in a healthy way. For example, a client may learn to reframe their judge’s negative thoughts into positive ones that support their goals rather than holding them back from growth and success.

Work with your saboteurs – not against them.

Before you can change your mindset, you need to get familiar with your saboteurs’ voices. For example, a hyper-achiever may realize that they constantly push themselves to achieve more, even if it means sacrificing their mental and physical health. Understanding these patterns is the first step toward breaking free from them.

Identify your saboteurs with a personalized assessment.

Program Benefits

You know that change is possible if you commit to it!

You’re ready to commit to daily exercises and prompts

Structure and routine keep you motivated

Learning more about yourself sounds exciting and helpful

You feel stuck in your routine or current habits

Positive Intelligence is quite different from traditional coaching. Rather than working with a coach 1:1 to talk through setbacks and create paths through them, this program really focuses on daily exercises and accountability to reshape the way you think and live. It’s best for individuals or groups who thrive with a set routine, appreciate a regimented program, and are excited to participate in the small group aspects of the pod.

Is positive intelligence Right for you?

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Joining a Positive Intelligence pod means connecting with other people who are motivated to create change and focus on self-improvement. It offers accountability, networking opportunities, and a space dedicated to progress. Learn life changing skills when you join an upcoming pod and starting building your mental fitness!

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Do you work with a team that could benefit from mental fitness training, accountability, and professional guidance? The Positive Intelligence program is a great team building exercise to get to know your coworkers, build empathy and understanding, and acheive more together with a positive workplace culture. 

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