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Look and feel the best you have in years, no matter your age, with personalized health and wellness consulting.

Wellness consulting

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Let’s start with the bad news. There’s no single secret that seems to give certain lucky women that healthy, youthful glow well into middle age. There are a multitude of factors that impact your health: genetics, diet, lifestyle, supplements, and more.

The good news, though, is that taking a holistic look at your health, identifying areas of improvement, and patching the holes in your current routine can give you that glow too.

That’s what I do for my clients through individualized wellness coaching and consulting. Whether you’re struggling with weight loss, stress management, skincare, energy levels, or other health issues, I am here to support you every step of the way. I take a comprehensive approach to wellness, looking at every aspect of your life to identify potential areas of improvement. This includes your diet, exercise routine, sleep habits, stress levels, and more.

Together we’ll create a personalized plan that fits your lifestyle and budget, incorporating products that have been proven to promote wellness and longevity as well as a professional team dedicated to your overall wellbeing. Are you ready for a new perspective on your health and a partner as you navigate your wellness journey?

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My mission is to empower women to age gracefully by taking a holistic approach to wellness.

For the first 30 years of my career, I focused on helping women look and feel beautiful in a more traditional sense. I own a successful salon and spa in Cheshire, CT, and I love helping other “salontrepreneurs” build their businesses through professional coaching. Now, in my second act, I’m flipping the script. I want to help women from the inside out, merging my experience as a coach and a beauty professional and shifting my focus to holistic wellness.

I believe that true beauty comes from within, and that true radiance and confidence are the result of a healthy mind, body, and lifestyle. If you’re not sure what exactly is stopping you from feeling your best, or you have a specific problem you could use support with, I’m here to be in your corner figuring it out with you.

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Above all, as your Wellness Coach I will be your support system. I’ll help you work through mental blocks, overcome negative thought patterns, get through the difficult days and celebrate with you on the good ones. You deserve someone to stick by you as you navigate your wellness journey, and I’d love to be a part of your team.

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I work with Isagenix, a wellness company that provides top-level of scientifically proven products and systems to support mental and physical wellbeing. What you put in your body has a huge impact on how you look and feel, and with just a few small tweaks and addition of the right products, you can see a huge impact right away.

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I’m not a nutritionist, and I’m certainly not a personal trainer. My role as a Wellness Coach is to help you pinpoint where your current lifestyle has room for improvement, and put you in touch with the right people or help you find the right tools to make effective change. I’m a part of your wellness team, and I’ll help you build the rest of it.

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