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Why hire a Life Transitions Coach?

Why hire a Life Transitions Coach?

This has been such a strange year in our lives no matter your age, occupation, demographic, etc.  Have you been feeling disoriented, unsure or afraid of what’s next?  I can assure you of one thing….”The only thing that is constant is change” Greek philosopher, Heraclitus.

As a student of transitions over the past decades I have learned a very important lesson and that is that the fear of change is real. I have worked with it and witnessed the true discomfort and fear of it both personally and professionally with my clients and employees. 

Some of you may not know that I have been a salon owner for nearly 27 years.  I started in the basement of my home while raising my sons and moved to a brick and mortar in 2009.  Through my experience as a boss, mentor, teacher and entrepreneur there has been no shortage of change and uncertainty in that job and industry.  We are masters of making changes daily for our clients.

I for one have learned to welcome change. I have learned an immense amount of strategies to navigate through personal changes as well as professional changes. I have walked through any change you could imagine such as job changes, parenthood, divorce, relationships and all things professional. I can tell you that had it not been for the guidance and support of my coaches I would not be in the position I am in today.

Coaching is a second set of eyes and ears to move you through your discomfort with confidence, strength, grace and even pride. Transition can be scary and even paralyzing. It can also be empowering, inspiring and a source of true satisfaction and fulfillment. Athletes wouldn’t even consider working without one whether they be professional or amateur.. Musicians, singers, etc. all have coaches to give them feedback, new ideas and to help inspire them to be their best selves and live out their dreams.

As your coach I am here to help connect the dots, fill in the gaps and outline the way step by step.  I can help provide a more direct route through the uneasiness and transition that life may have laid in front of you with or without your permission. Trusting in a coach to guide you forward can be as essential as a mirror or a pair of glasses. Clearer vision, feedback and reflection and results are what coaches provide.  (Let me know if I can help.)