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“Well” Being

This word has come to be very familiar to most of us over the last couple of decades and even more so now in 2020.  Covid 19 has challenged our sense of well-being in more ways than we’d like to count I suppose, yet we can’t ignore the facts.  Without our true well-being we have less to value or work for.

I’m curious as to how the Coronavirus has affected your well being. Since this is a blog post and not a fireside discussion I’ll tell you how it has affected me and see if any of it rings a bell with you.

I have an amazing family, lots of support if needed, a profession that I love and all I could want in the world (minus a boat and captain to sail around the world). I have my physical and mental health, thank God, and what I believe are the tools to handle what is given to me. 

Since the middle of March the lens that I am looking through is so completely different.  It’s as if I have been transported to a time when things were so much simpler and my needs far surpass any wants.  I have been fortunate enough to remain healthy and my well being has actually become a great deal stronger in spite of the huge test we all face every day with both the virus and the state of our country at this time. It’s been a bit overwhelming at times.

That being said I have tried to take the opportunity to unpack what I need versus what I want.  Trust me, I still want for things that I don’t need and am happy to dangle them in front of myself all the time but during this pandemic the opportunity to slow down, take stock and get to know myself and my people on a deeper level has been a blessing in an albeit ugly disguise.  

What have you been able to learn about yourself and others in your world? Has this time made you more or less creative, busy, afraid? Are you interested in creating a better sense of fulfillment and well being yet don’t know where to start?  Make a list of anything and everything you want to learn, do or undo.  Begin from the beginning.  It’s only November and we have a winter of time to keep on this path of discovery and personal challenges.